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Nikahnama - Ferozi Shaam - Urdu

Ferozi Shaam

This nikahnama is inspired by the subtlety, intricateness and use of vibrant blue, turquoise, green and yellow colours in Persian art and architecture.
The Arabic and Urdu calligraphy is handwritten by veteran artist Mohammad Ilyas, after which it is pasted on the template and printed on high-quality canvas or matte sheet, tightened to a wooden scroll holder and placed in a velvet and satin box. On your big day, feel like a prince or princess as you take out the nikahnama from the box and unroll it from the scrollholder. Click here to go to the English version of this Nikahnama.
Please note the scroll holder is available for canvas only.
You can order a fill-in-the-blank nikahnama, in which you can write all personal details yourself.

Or if you want us to write the details, you will need to fill the form on this page or email us the details on and

A soft copy of the document will be emailed or WhatsApped for proofing twice, after which it will be printed and dispatched. Any change after the nikahnama has been printed will be done at an additional cost of Rs 1000.

Please place your order for fill-in-blank nikahnama at least two weeks before the date of marriage.

Please place your order for filled-in/personalised nikahnama at least three weeks before the date of marriage.

Two additional copies (on simple A4 sheets) of the nikahnama will be provided for legal/documentary/visa purpose.   

Starts from ₹2,325.00

ONLY in case of PERSONALIZED nikahnama, you can either give the details now, or send them later via email.

Nikahnama, the Islamic marriage contract, is a couple’s most life-changing piece of paper. A document that inks their mutual commitment in accordance with the principles commanded in the Holy Quran.

Should it thus not be made with thought, care and love?

At Baradari, we bring to you an opportunity to make your nikahnama a piece of art.

Each of our nikahnama designs has been written in Arabic and Urdu calligraphy, along with an English version.

For a touch of Islamic heritage, we’ve used Mughal, Turkish and Persian decorative elements. Each design can be personalised with the names of the couple and witnesses, date and place of marriage, and mehr amount.

To make you feel even more special on your big day, we can attach the nikahnama to a wooden scroll holder and place it in a jewellery box made of velvet and satin.

Our nikahnamas are, thus, a blend of art and law. Use them as legal documents. Frame them for your bedroom. Or treasure them as a piece of heritage that you can pass on to your future generations.

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