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Kun Fayakun Box Frame

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Kun Fayakun Box Frame


'Kun Fayakun' is Arabic for "Be. And it is". It is a phrase that appears a couple of times in the Quran, for example in verse 16:40. It signifies the Power and Will of Allah. When Allah wills something to happen, He simply says, "Be", and it happens, i.e. "And it is". Written in a calligraphic style by a master artist, and inserted in a sturdy boxed frame, this piece can be a powerful spiritual reminder which you can place on your shelf or desk or even hang on your wall. It also works as very good gift that you can give a loved one. Material: Handmade Fibre Frame Size: 6 x 9 inches SPECIAL INAUGURAL PRICE: Rs 850 *Offer valid till June 4, 2019

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