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Monthly Archives: August 2018

  1. Mercy of Allah

    Among the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, the two that we recite the most are "Al Rahman" and "Al Raheem". The two names are part of the opening verse of the Quran, "Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahmeem". Since "Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem" precedes every chapter of the Quran, except one, we recite it when we say the Surahs. In fact, we say these two Beautiful Names of Allah in every salah of ours. An entire Surah is titled "Al Rahman". "Al Rahman" in English is translated as "Most Gracious" and "Al Raheem" as "Most Merciful". Both "Al Rahman" and "Al Raheem" are derived from the root "Rahm", which means womb in Arabic.

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  2. Al Asma Al Husna

    How do you define Allah? How do you know Him? And how do you call to Him? By his attributes. Allah is known to have 99 Most Beautiful Names, each Name defining a Divine attribute. For example, the Name 'Al-Khaaliq' means 'The Creator' as Allah has created everything in the Heavens and the Earth. He is 'Al Ghafoor', or the 'All-Forgiving' as He readily forgives a believer who sincerely repents. He is 'Al-Adl', or 'The Utterly Just', as He is the Best Judge in all matters of life and the world. The 99 Names of Allah are collectively called 'Asma Al Husna' in Arabic, where 'asma' means 'names' and 'al husna' means 'beautiful'.

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