Islamic Wall Art: A Reminder

Each verse of the Quran is a gem, a word of wisdom, a mercy for mankind. The Quran also has instructions that are applicable to special situations, such as those related to marriage, inheritance, treatment of prisoners caught in battles, etc. But the overall Quranic message is that of taqva, which can be defined as the fear and love of Allah. Whatever situation we may find ourselves in – as routine as eating your breakfast, or as special as birth of a child – we must always be in a state of taqva, i.e, fear and love of Allah.

Taqva is not a moment, it is not a temporary feeling. It must be a defining feature of our lives. When we are conscious of the fact that Allah is watching us -- our every thought, feeling and action -- and that He loves us and yet can hold us accountable for our misdeeds, we would be upright in our conduct, merciful towards fellow human beings, and just and fair in all our dealings.

Islamic wall art, the art of writing the verses of the Quran in beautiful calligraphic styles, can serve as a constant reminder to us of the Blessings and Mercy of Allah. It can enable us to be in a state of taqva. For example, if you have a beautiful frame of Ayat Al Kursi  in your living room, you would be careful of the content beaming on your TV or the language you use with your guests. If you have a lovely canvas work of Alhamdulillah in your dining hall, it can serve you as a reminder not to criticise the dishes, as having food on your table is itself a blessing from Allah. If you have to sit for an exam the next day, and are distracted by certain issues in your life, the ayat ‘Fa inna ma’al usri ysura’ (‘Verily with difficulty comes relief’), if pasted on your wall, can remind you that indeed Allah would aid you in your exam and overall in your life too. Indeed, the Quran is full of Wisdom, you just need to be in constant touch with it to be at peace.