Go all arty with our pieces

If you want your home to look like a work of art, then your walls are your canvas. And the best news? You are the artist - your tool is not the paintbrush, but your very own artistic sensibilities and choices. In other words, how you do up your walls reflects your inner artist, your taste for art. We, at Baradari: A House of Arts and Crafts, are here to help you nurture your appreciation for art. If you are particularly fond of Islamic wall art, then you have landed at the right place.

Our art store offers you a wide collection of unique Islamic wall art. Not the traditional golden text-black surface art, or the modern wall decals.

Our Islamic art works have a unique imprint of being a blend of modern and traditional, of classic and contemporary, of handwritten and digital. We specialise in creating colourful canvas prints of handwritten calligraphy. We work with master calligraphers in northern India who write for us verses of the Quran in different styles. Their handwritten works are then digitally coloured, enhanced and printed on high-quality canvas.

For those who find canvas expensive, we offer high-quality matte prints. Besides colouring the calligraphy, we also make it possible to print it to any size – from a medium 2 x 1.5 inches piece to a large 4 x 3 artwork. Come, visit our store, and decorate your walls with our beautiful Islamic canvas art. Nurture the inner artist in you, and feel delighted to look at your walls, and home.