How to Display Islamic Wall Art

Before purchasing Islamic wall art frames, one first needs to ask: 'Where and how do I display them?'

The answer to this question depends on the following:

The space on your wall available for hanging a frame: How big is the space? Do you want to display Islamic art on a pillar? Or just above the sofa in the living room? Or do you want it to be on the wall along your staircase?

If you want it on a pillar, then a single small or long frame would look good. Above a sofa, you can have three vertical frames, or one big horizontal frame placed in the centre. Or one horizontal frame on the side, plus two small frames. There are various ways in which you can place a frame on your wall depending on the space available. Try to give some breathing space between the frames so that one can see them individually too.

The colour of the wall: If it's a light-coloured wall, it would be better to go for a darker image. But even a lighter image would do so long as you place it inside a dark frame. If it's a dark-coloured wall, we suggest to go for a lighter shade.

The room: Quranic verses can be displayed anywhere in your home. But if you love to collect Islamic wall art frames, and are scratching your head over where to place what frame, then perhaps you can choose according to the utility of the space. So, “Alhamdulillah” can be placed in the living room, “Tawakaltu-al-Allah” can be placed in the study room, “Masha Allah” at the entrance.

Framing: For Islamic canvas art, you need to stretch the canvas over a wooden mount. Which is why we give an extra two inches space - so that you can mount the image. That would be enough for framing. But if you want to give it a fuller look, you can place it inside an outer wooden frame. Canvas art does not need a glass cover. Fine art paper prints need a glass over for protection but do not need to be stretched over a wooden frame.

Lights : It’s best to have a light above the frame to enhance its beauty. And when you switch on the light, turn off the other lights in the room for best visual effects.