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  1. Decorate walls in Ramadan

    It’s that time of the year. The time to re-establish and strengthen our relationship with the Quran, with our faith. Ramadan, the month of fasting from dawn to dusk, is a blessed period during which Muslims make special efforts to engage in good deeds, be it offering more prayers, reading the Quran more frequently or giving charity. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was said to be more generous in Ramadan than in other months.

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  2. Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition in India

    Baradari: A House of Arts and Crafts held its first Islamic Calligraphy exhibition at the prestigious Lalit Kala Akademi, India's apex organisation for promotion of Indian fine arts, between May 3 and 9, 2017.

    Held at the Lucknow centre of the Lalit Kala Akademi, the exhibition was a massive success, which saw impressive attendance and fantastic sales.

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  3. Go all arty with our pieces

    If you want your home to look like a work of art, then your walls are your canvas. And the best news? You are the artist - your tool is not the paintbrush, but your very own artistic sensibilities and choices. In other words, how you do up your walls reflects your inner artist, your taste for art. We, at Baradari: A House of Arts and Crafts, are here to help you nurture your appreciation for art. If you are particularly fond of Islamic wall art, then you have landed at the right place.

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  4. Coloured Islamic Canvas Art

    'Add colour to your life', they say, implying that one should live with joy and positivity. Colours are known to not just give us visual delight, but also to uplift our moods. Colours are an essential part of wall decor, as people choose to colour the walls of their homes, instead of keeping them plain white. In fact, it is a modern home décor trend to paint one wall of a room in a colour other than white. So that you can have a "dash of colour" in your room.

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  5. Islamic, Artistic and Colourful

    Move over traditional Islamic wall art  in which Arabic text would be stitched with golden thread on a black fabric, usually velvet or silk. Or ayats would be neatly sewn onto colourful carpets, or verses would be hand-written with black ink on a white sheet of paper.

    As living and working spaces evolve with time, so must Islamic wall art. We, at Baradari: A House of Arts and Crafts, present Islamic wall art in a new medium - canvas.

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  6. Styles of Islamic Calligraphy

    Islamic calligraphy is a highly evolved form of art, and as Muslims ruled vast swathes of geographical territory, from Spain and Turkey in the west to Persia, India and parts of China in the east, each empire developed its own calligraphic style. These styles had regional, cultural influences as well, and their own distinct form of writing.

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  7. How to Display Islamic Wall Art

    Before purchasing Islamic wall art frames, one first needs to ask: 'Where and how do I display them?'

    The answer to this question depends on the following:

    The space on your wall available for hanging a frame: How big is the space? Do you want to display Islamic art on a pillar? Or just above the sofa in the living room? Or do you want it to be on the wall along your staircase?

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  8. Islamic Wall Art: A Reminder

    Each verse of the Quran is a gem, a word of wisdom, a mercy for mankind. The Quran also has instructions that are applicable to special situations, such as those related to marriage, inheritance, treatment of prisoners caught in battles, etc. But the overall Quranic message is that of taqva, which can be defined as the fear and love of Allah. Whatever situation we may find ourselves in – as routine as eating your breakfast, or as special as birth of a child – we must always be in a state of taqva, i.e, fear and love of Allah.

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  9. Islamic gifts for loved ones

    Your best friend’s birthday is around the corner. What do you want to gift her? A handbag? A book? A table lamp? Aren’t these choices too regular, too usual, and just too boring? Why not gift her something that inspires her, lasts forever and benefits her too? Something she would keep in her heart and even display on her wall. We are talking of Islamic calligraphy art. The best gift one could give a loved one, be it a parent, a child, a sibling, a spouse or even someone unrelated, is a reminder of the Blessings of Allah.

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