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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  1. Coloured Islamic Canvas Art

    'Add colour to your life', they say, implying that one should live with joy and positivity. Colours are known to not just give us visual delight, but also to uplift our moods. Colours are an essential part of wall decor, as people choose to colour the walls of their homes, instead of keeping them plain white. In fact, it is a modern home décor trend to paint one wall of a room in a colour other than white. So that you can have a "dash of colour" in your room.

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  2. Islamic, Artistic and Colourful

    Move over traditional Islamic wall art  in which Arabic text would be stitched with golden thread on a black fabric, usually velvet or silk. Or ayats would be neatly sewn onto colourful carpets, or verses would be hand-written with black ink on a white sheet of paper.

    As living and working spaces evolve with time, so must Islamic wall art. We, at Baradari: A House of Arts and Crafts, present Islamic wall art in a new medium - canvas.

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