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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Styles of Islamic Calligraphy

    Islamic calligraphy is a highly evolved form of art, and as Muslims ruled vast swathes of geographical territory, from Spain and Turkey in the west to Persia, India and parts of China in the east, each empire developed its own calligraphic style. These styles had regional, cultural influences as well, and their own distinct form of writing.

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  2. How to Display Islamic Wall Art

    Before purchasing Islamic wall art frames, one first needs to ask: 'Where and how do I display them?'

    The answer to this question depends on the following:

    The space on your wall available for hanging a frame: How big is the space? Do you want to display Islamic art on a pillar? Or just above the sofa in the living room? Or do you want it to be on the wall along your staircase?

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